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A Map of Rain Days invites us into the liminal between the nights and the “too-bright days.” The author navigates a life felt full on, inhabiting all its beauty and shadows — the “slap-tumble” of sex, “the mean streets of the suburbs,” “the swill and gore” of youth. Interwoven into this life are the realities of racism, addiction, suicide, rape, and death. And then clarity ensues.
A Map of Rain Days chronicles a life of loves and losses in tender, surreal, striking metaphors that limn a body tattooed with fragments of a life, a body whose “skin” is “opened/like slicing a peach.” Like “the sweet odour of chocolate,” Jennifer’s poems are rich, sensual with a simplicity that belies dense under-layers of sadness, of love for a mother, a daughter, of memories of an abusive relationship that still scars, of the taunts and cruelties a girl of colour in a white world endures. These haunting poems become like “sparks” that “consume … a forest” of contemplation on the ways a life of a contemporary woman is composed. This is a collection to savour.
Brenda Clews, author of Tidal Fury and Fugue in Green

Ivy Reiss'(The Artis Magazine) review of A Map of Rain Days

Jennifer Hosein’s poetry is relevant, emotional, evocative, and beautiful. Jennifer’s poetry shows us what it’s like to be a person of colour in Canada without allowing identity to overshadow poetic craft. Her work combines the power of short story with the music of poetry, invoking the ubiquitous human experiences of losing people we love and finding our place in the world. Jennifer Hosein’s debut collection A Map of Rain Days at once illustrates the commonality and alienation that is characteristic of contemporary existence. We know Jennifer as a visual artist, now it is time to meet her as a poet.
—Ivy Reiss, The Artis magazine, Sept 02, 2020.

Brandon Pitts' review of A Map of Rain Days

I’ve decided to break my long social media silence to share this with you because poetic masterpieces are rare. A poet is lucky to have even one in a career. The first poem, “I Love You”, in @jennifer.hosein_poet.painter first collection of poems, “A Map Of Rain Days,” is quite a masterpiece. Each time I’ve been exposed to it, I’ve experienced it with awe, joy, and envy. Envy because I wish I had written it.
As for the rest of the collection, it is extremely consistent in its strength. Each poem is perfectly executed, and is a testament to the poet’s talent. Guernica has done a fine job in presenting this exceptional artist’s poetic statement for mass consumption. Buy this book!
        — Brandon Pitts, author of Tender in the Age of Fury and In the Company of Crows