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Jennifer Hosein

Jennifer Hosein – artist

My life as an artist began when I was four years old, sitting at the kitchen table where, while my mum cooked, I drew people living their day-to-day lives which seemed to me, then, infinitely more interesting than my own. I don’t recall a time when I wasn’t imagining or dreaming. As a teenager, I learned to pull the pain out of me and put it onto paper. Later, I added the night creatures and beasts and in-between people that made up my life, juxtaposing ugliness and beauty, terror and pleasure, the erotic and repulsion.

To conjure despair, joy, darkness, demons, and angels, my color palette is intense, my lines sharp, my figures fragmented, twisted, or broken. I paint from imagination, myths, nightmares, and life. I work primarily with ink, pastels, watercolors, oil paint, photography, and collage.




(Jennifer Hosein was born in Montreal, Quebec. She is a writer, visual artist, and English as a Second Language teacher, living and working in Toronto. She holds an Honours BA in Visual Art and French from the University of Toronto. Her artwork has appeared on book covers, in magazines and in solo and group exhibitions at The Gladstone Hotel, Wychwood Pub, York Civic Centre, Studio 272, BESL Books, The Pilot Tavern and Beacon’s Cafe in Toronto. Her poems, short fiction and a play have been published in magazines in Canada and Europe.)  




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